Dental Staff

Jack R. Holt, DDS


Dr. Holt is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and Stanislaus County Dental Society.  He is a past president of the Stanislaus Dental Society and served several years as a continuing education coordinator, peer review committee where he was chairman for two years.

He is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and B.S. degree.  After graduation, he served five years as captain in the United States Air Force Dental Service.

His passion for continuing education eventually led him to two inter related specialities - TMJ disorders (TMD) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

After many years in general dentistry, he entered the three year TMJ program at UCSF under the director, Dr. Charles McNeill. After, he enrolled in a one year program in prosthodontics with Dr. Curt Barmby, head of prosthodontics at UCSF. Next, he took the two year program in gnothological dentistry at FACE (Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education) under Dr. Tom Basta, Where he learned full mouth restorative reconstruction.

His OSA training the past eight years, has been with courses approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicines (AADSM) and the American Breathing and Sleep Academy (ASBA).

There is a very important correlation between TMD and OSA with many overlapping symptoms and Dr. Holt feels it is very important to educate patients to have a better understanding of their specific problem, and utilize other health care professionals anytime multidisciplinary treatment is indicated.

1958                         University of Illinois School of Dentistry, DDS & BS

1981                          Occlusion & TMJ study group

                                  University of Pacific Dental School, directed by Dr. Larry Loos         

1982-1984                 Occlusion, TMJ and Facial Pain Study Group

                                  University of California San Francisco Dental School,

                                  Three-year study group, directed by Dr. Charles McNeil

1985                          Advanced Prosthodontic Study Group

                                  University of California San Francisco, directed by Dr. Curt Barmby

1985                          Member of Cranio-Mandibular Institute, for program for graduates of UCSF McNeil group

1993-1995                F.A.C.E. - Foundation of Continuing Education Gnathology and TMJ study group, Dr. Tom Bosta, director. This course teaches                                                                       advanced concepts for full mouth restorative dentistry

1995-1999                Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) for Facial Pain and TMJ for Workmen’s Compensation

1990-2002                Preferred Provider with Central Valley Physicians Group for TMJ

2002-present            Independent Medical Examiner for Benchmark (now ExamWorks) Medical Consultants, Sacramento, CA

2011-present           Contract Provider for AllCare Physicians Group for TMJ and Sleep Apnea Patients


Dr. Holt’s Professional & Civic Membership

  • American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • American Academy of Sleep and Breathing
  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association

Terry Carlson

Terry has worked in dentistry for over 27 years, 26 of which have been with Dr. Holt. She has worked as an RDA and also patient coordinator. She enjoys being a part of a dental to team to provide the best dental care possible.

Terry enjoys spending her spare time with her grandchildren, baking, and RV’ing with her husband Joel.


Tiffaney Audino

Tiffaney joined the staff at Dr. Holt’s in 2015, since then has enjoyed every minute of it. She has over 15 years of managerial and bookkeeping experience in the agricultural and water softening industry. She loves helping and talking to people and this job has given her the opportunity to do both. She is able to help you with any of your scheduling, insurance, or billing questions.